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With an experienced team with cross-industry expertise, we’re able to efficiently meet your challenges.


Dr. Volker Türck

Optic Design, Simulation, Training in ZEMAX® OpticStudio®

A physicist focused on semiconductors and optics, after his doctorate, Volker undertook a postdoc and after two years industry experience, founded the company in 2005.

Through his extensive experience in technical optics, Volker was able to take part in numerous projects, whose focus ranged from examining the deep interior of the earth (borehole monitoring with glass fibers) to outer space (satellite-based optics). His specialty is working with ZEMAX® software on an almost daily basis since 2004.

He also works in computer-assisted data analysis, a subject that he’s been engaged in since his university days and which allows him to bring together his knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer science.

Dr. Irina Ostapenko

Algorithms, Data Science, and Co-ordination

A physicist with intercultural skills, after working in Moscow, Berlin and Sydney and training as a project manager, Irina began working with us in 2012.

Irina passion is measurement and evaluation. She applies her experience into numerous Industry 4.0 consulting projects around simulation and data analysis. She’s motivated in her work by a desire to discover new issues and take up new challenges. Being able to use mathematics and statistics to solve complex issues with data for customers is one of her greatest pleasures.

Dr. Daria Skuridina

Simulation, Data Analysis, and Marketing

A physicist with specialisation in semiconductors, Daria graduated from the Lomonosov University of Moscow, received her PhD at the Technical University of Berlin, and was a postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley. She joined our team in 2015.

For Daria, new projects represent not only new challenges, but are also an opportunity to extend her own knowledge through solving new tasks.

In addition to research and development, Daria enjoys working in marketing. She participates in conferences, trade shows, and conventions and builds new contacts for us. A conversation with her about ways to cooperate with us is always worthwhile.

Dr. Momme Winkelnkemper

Algorithms, Data Analysis, and Modelling

Momme is a physicist with a specialization in numerical analysis and the development of measurement processes. After completing his PhD in Physics with a specialization in the numerical simulation of physical systems, Momme spent six years working in R&D for a producer of industrial measurement technologies. As the company’s team leader for the development of measurement processes, he acquired competency in various areas, including ultrasound technology, fluid mechanics, and signal processing.

Momme is specialized in the development of algorithms for technical applications, as well as in the modelling of complex technical systems and processes. These fields allow him to apply his experience in the areas of measurement technology and numerical analysis.

Dr. Elisabeth Siebert

Optic Design, Zemax® OpticStudio® Applications, and Measurement Data Analysis

Elisabeth is a physicist with expertise in optical measurement technologies and the analysis of measurement data. Elisabeth joined our team in 2017, after defending her dissertation on the spectroscopic analysis of biological processes.

Because of her experience in varied research projects, Elisabeth possesses wide-ranging competencies in all of the established processes of optical spectroscopy, as well as in the analysis of complex measurement data from various sources, such as from semiconductors, nanostructures, or biochemical molecules. Elisabeth is especially interested in the design of complex optics and in the analysis of measurement data.

Dr. Marcel Usner

Statistics, Data Analysis and Modeling

Physicist with a specialization in statistics, data analysis and modelling. Under-graduate studies in astroparticle physics at the University of Bonn and PhD at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Research stays at the University of British Columbia in Canada, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States and at the South Pole in Antarctica. Marcel joined the team in 2019.

Due to his experience in various international research projects, Marcel is specialized in the statistical analysis of large data sets as well as in modeling complex systems. He enjoys the versatile aspects of solving his tasks, for which he combines knowledge in mathematics and statistics, coding skills, domain expertise and meaningful presentations and visualizations every day.

Marcel sees new challenges as a steady motivation to learn and improve, in order to generate useful insights and added value for each customer.

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