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Simulation optischer Systeme


Optical system simulation and analysis

Simulations and computer analyses are an integral part of modern optics development. We’re specialists in the field of optical simulation. Using the industry’s widely used software Synopsys’ CODE V® and Ansys Zemax OpticStudio®, we’re able to develop simulation models for complex optical systems as a starting point for every form of analysis needed.


Examples of analysis and simulation:

  • Tolerance analysis
  • Reflex and scattered light analysis
  • Analysis of the formation of ghost images and artifacts
  • Analysis of thermal behaviour
  • Investigation of special, machining-related form deviations in the system by means of a complex tolerance analysis
  • Modeling of Sobol-distributed optical ray set


Our services:

  • Analysis of optical systems
  • Development of appropriate simulation models, with the possibility of programming suitable extensions (DLLs) or macros
  • Improvement of the simulations and optimisations in non-sequential mode by using Ansys Zemax OpticStudio® with Python and MATLAB®
  • Creating CODE V® macros for individual analyses of optical systems.
  • Implementation of analysis and preparation of results
  • Development of proposals for improvement
  • Training your employees in working with models and the further development of models



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