Data, Signals and Algorithms

For our clients in medical technology, measurement and control technology, automotive, energy and other technical fields, we provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Development of algorithms for data analysis and signal processing
  • Statistical analysis of large or complex data sets
  • Modelling and simulation of physical systems
  • Generation, simulation and testing of signal processing routines with Matlab®/ Simulink®
  • and much more


Thereby, we advise and support our clients in the product and process development, production monitoring, production control or other measurement and testing processes.

We are experienced in working at the interface between measurement techniques, mathematics and numerical analysis. Through trainings and practical experience, we’ve developed expertise that combines measurement techniques, statistics, and numerical analysis with an understanding of the underlying physical and technical relationships. This means that we not only understand what information is included in the measurement data, but also how results are to be interpreted and, above all, where the boundaries of the processes are.


Fields of work:

  • Development of new products or processes
  • Quality control and process monitoring
  • Simulation of measuring instruments and production operations
  • Development of new evaluation methods
  • Predictive analytics systems
  • Signal processing
  • Consolidation and analysis of different data sources
  • Automated solutions and machine learning
  • Image and video analysis


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Dedicated development of measuring sites and measurement plans
  • Better control and controllability of production processes, thereby improving product quality
  • Identification of error sources
  • Tailored standalone software for signal processing, data, image, or video analysis
  • Complete transfer of programmed codes, documentation, instructions, and training

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