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The Team

We combine interdisciplinary expertise with practical experience to solve your problems efficiently.


Dr. Volker Türck

Optic design, simulations and corses in ZEMAX® OpticStudio®

Dr. Volker TürckPhysicist specialising in semiconductor physics and optics. After a doctorate, post-doc and two years in industry, he founded the engineering office in 2005.

Volker was able to gain extensive experience in technical optics in numerous projects whose applications ranged from deep inside the earth (borehole monitoring with optical fibres) to outer space (satellite-based optics). His speciality is working with ZEMAX®, a software that has inspired him again and again in almost daily use since 2004.

Another field of work is computer-aided data analysis, a subject that has not let him go since his student days and in which he can combine his knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer science.

Dr. Irina Ostapenko

Algorithms, data analysis and compyny organisation

Irina OstapenkoPhysicist with intercultural skills. After working in Moscow, Berlin and Sydney and training as a project manager, she joined the engineering company in 2013.

Irina’s passion is measurement and evaluation. She now uses her experience from research in numerous projects around simulation and data analysis, in which she assisted customers in Industry 4.0 by providing advice. A very important motivation for her work is her curiosity and willingness to always tackle new challenges. It gives her great pleasure when mathematics and statistics turn an apparent chaos of data into customer benefits and when questions that were not asked before are answered.

Dr. Daria Skuridina

Simulations, data analys and marketing

Dr. Daria SkuridinaPhysicist with a focus on semiconductor physics. After studying at Lomonosov University in Moscow, gaining her doctorate at TU Berlin and completing a post-doc at the University of California, Berkeley, she joined the engineering team in 2015.

New projects not only present new challenges, they also, to Daria’s great delight, bring with them an expansion of knowledge that she can use in solving new tasks.

Apart from research and development, Daria enjoys marketing. She attends conferences, trade fairs or conventions and makes new contacts. It is always worth talking to her about opportunities for cooperation.

Dr. Momme Winkelnkemper

Algorithms, data analysis and modelling

Dr. Momme WinkelnkemperPhysicist with a focus on numerics and measurement method development. Doctorate in the field of numerical simulation of physical systems. Subsequently, 6 years in R&D at a medium-sized manufacturer of industrial measurement technology. As team leader of measurement process development, he acquired knowledge in the fields of ultrasonic technology, fluid mechanics and signal processing, among others. Momme has been a member of Ingenieurbüro Dr. Türck since 2016.

Momme’s speciality is algorithm development for technical applications and the modelling of complex technical systems and processes. In this activity, he manages to combine his knowledge and experience from the fields of physics, measurement technology and numerics.

Dr. Elisabeth Siebert

Optic design, ZEMAX® OpticStudio®  and CODE V® applications and measurement data analysis

Dr. Elisabeth Siebert

Physicist with a focus on optical metrology and measurement data analysis. Doctorate in the field of spectroscopic analysis of biochemical processes. Elisabeth joined the team at Ingenieurbüro Dr. Türck in 2017.

Due to her involvement in a wide range of research and ingineering projects, Elisabeth has extensive knowledge in all common optical spectroscopy techniques as well as in the analysis of complex measurement data from various sources, such as semiconductors, nanostructures and biochemical molecules. Elisabeth’s special interests are the design of complex optics and measurement data analysis.

Dr. Marcel Usner

Statistics, data analysis and modelling

Physiker mit Schwerpunkt in Statistik, Datenanalyse und Modellierung

Physicist with a focus on statistics, data analysis and modelling. Studies in astroparticle physics at the University of Bonn followed by doctorate at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Research stays at the University of British Columbia in Canada, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA and at the South Pole in Antarctica. Marcel joined the engineering office Dr. Türck in 2019.

Due to his experience in various international research projects, Marcel’s special field is the statistical analysis of large data sets and modelling of complex systems. He appreciates the versatility of his tasks, for which he combines knowledge in mathematics and statistics, programming expertise, technical know-how and meaningful presentations with visualisations on a daily basis.

New challenges are a constant drive for Marcel to develop himself further in order to create constructive insights and added value for clients.

Dr. Susana Contreras

Modelling, algorithms und data science

Engineer with expertise in modelling, data science and statistics.

Susana did her engineering under-graduate studies in Bogotá, Colombia at Universidad de los Andes. Later she did her postgraduate studies the Humboldt University of Berlin, where she was granted a PhD in Biophysics after defending a dissertation that focused on understanding neuronal responses in different extracellular environments through statistical modelling. Susana joined the team in 2022, after doing a postdoc at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Due to her interdisciplinary education, she is creative when proposing solutions and designing algorithms. She particularly enjoys understanding the solutions that living organisms have developed to overcome environmental challenges, and then taking them as inspiration to solve engineering problems.