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Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro
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Matlab & Simulink


MATLAB and Simulink consulting

We offer a wide range of consulting services for your MATLAB® or Simulink® project, be it through programming, modelling, analysis, or improvement of existing software solution.

We use MATLAB® and Simulink® as tools to perform statistical analysis, signal processing, user interface design, prototype modeling, and testing. In addition, to achieve complex and challenging customer goals, up to 18 additional toolboxes can be applied, including  Simulink Coder™, Simulink Report Generator™, Embedded Coder, Parallel Computing Toolbox™, Computer Vision Toolbox™, Image Processing Toolbox™, Image Acquisition Toolbox™, Simulink Test™, and Stateflow®.

Our services:

  • Automation of data capture and consolidation operations
  • Statistical analysis methods and implementation
  • Model-based design
  • Simulation of physical systems
  • Development of measuring systems and their control software
  • Development of customised programmes for the automation of laboratory measurements.
  • Building a custom MATLAB®app or stand-alone software using MATLAB® App Designer (GUI)
  • Customisation of report generation from Simulink® models
  • Taking over your projects, in whole or in part


MATLAB®, Simulink® and Stateflow® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.