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Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro
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Data Science


Algorithms and signal processing

Using existing data, we’re able to develop algorithms to help your company obtain the best possible overview of your data. We’ll use modern, powerful algorithms to help you understand trends and correlations that can assist in, for example, discovering errors in production processes, identifying quality problems, or developing new, more powerful products.

Data collected in measurement processes provides the raw material from which, through effective analysis, we can understand information better. The choice of a suitable analysis method, its implementation using an appropriate algorithm and finally the software used are all important in being able to obtain relevant information from extensive measurement findings.

Often a targeted analysis – as well as an evaluation – of measurements, still requires raw measurement data to be suitably prepared. In this case, there is also the need to process one or more measurement signals to improve signal quality and enable a subsequent evaluation.

As an algorithm development company, we can develop software that enables optimal processing of measurement data and best use of measuring effects for data evaluation. Using these we can help you to reduce measurement uncertainty and increase the robustness of your measurements.


Our services:

  • Algorithms for the analysis of large/complex datasets
  • Development of algorithms and software implementation
  • Development of practical signal processing routines and their implementation
  • Implementation of tools for use in, for example, production, development and quality assurance
  • Parametric studies and strategies for parameter optimisation