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Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro
Dr. Türck Engineering


Solution Examples

Many our customers from R&D have benefited from our services. We provide such solutions as:

  • Adaptation and customization of old measurement algorithms or skripts for new systems
  • Development of little and big Software for measurements and data processing
  • Automation of measurements
  • Lab-data evaluation
  • Design of experiments and test series for your measurement system
  • Design of Lab Apps


You can have a look at a couple of examples of our solutions for medical devices, industrial measurement technique and automotiv

Some example


PROBLEM  A list of examples to be published soon. Please refer to our German version.
  • Development of a new measuring algorithm for medical device
  • Production monitoring for automotive Predictive Maintenance
  • Physical modelling of an electrochemical cell for a controller design
  • Design of error detection mechanism for faulty behaviour of a medical sensor
  • Surface inspection for maintenance and quality assurance in industrial metrology
  • Computer vision for measurement
  • Data Mining fro compliant medical devices